Bar & Wine cellar


Smrčina Resort is not situated too far away from Pilsen. Life is short and therefore it is no use making compromises. Come and see us and enjoy one of our national treasures.

Have the genuine lager, have the Pilsner Urquell. And if you prefer something stronger, you can have it as well. We serve only original drinks made by Czech and foreign famous brands. Or would you like to have a nice cup of coffee instead? In that case we can serve you fresh ground coffee.

Wine cellar

Do you like good wine? Then Smrčina Resort is the right place. Indulge your taste buds by selected wines from vineyards from Moravia, North Italy and sunny Toscany, served in a wine cellar where time appears non-existing.

In winter it is possible to intensify the atmosphere by fire crackling in the fireplace. It is always possible to sing, dance or even listen to live music performed by a professional singer accompanied by live piano music.

Stay packages


  • Nová novinka

  • Nová novinka

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